Tuesday, May 08, 2018

Sir Alex Ferguson Is Awake And Talking

Sir Alex Ferguson is now up and talking with family members as he recovers from brain surgery.
The Sun says Ferguson's first words to his family after brain surgery were: “How did Doncaster get on?"

He was rushed to hospital hours before son Darren's Doncaster Rovers played host to Wigan in the final match of the season — and lost 1-0.

A source said: “Typical Sir Alex. He can't stop talking football." Fergie, 76 stunned his family minutes after coming round from emergency surgery — by joking about flying to Kiev in two weeks time for the Champions League final.

Sir Alex reluctantly admitted his recovery will stop him attending his beloved Manchester United's FA Cup Wembley showdown with Chelsea on Saturday week.

But he told family at his hospital bedside: “Aye, the Cup Final is out — but what about Kiev?"

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