Wednesday, April 04, 2018

Liverpool Hammered Manchester City in the Champions League quarterfinal clash

Liverpool were too much for Man City as they  hammered them to take control of their Champions League quarterfinal on Wednesday night.

Klopp remarked: "The result is not what we expected but we needed to play more football in the second half. They did not have a lot of chances but we didn't play much football ourselves. It is only half-time. 3-0 up, good.
"First half was brilliant. It was how football should look. We knew about the quality of City but also about our quality as well. If we could control the game better against a team like Man City and not give the ball away we would be closer to them in the league.
"We defended the passes really good. But I wanted us to play more football. But I am not angry it is all good.
"We lose one player to injury (Mo Salah) and another - the captain (Jordan Henderson) - to a yellow card so it does not feel good. Mo said he feels good but we will have to see about that.
"If we want to see games like this them the Premier League have to think about the fixtures. It should be something good (the game against Everton) and not cause problems. We have to find players now for what a lot of people say is the biggest game of the season. I do not feel good about this right now. If I don't play my best XI against Everton then we know what happens."

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