Sunday, April 29, 2018

Jose Mourinho Hoping to Match Wenger's Longevity

Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho believes he could match departing Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger and remain involved in football deep into his 60s - or even beyond.

Wenger will leave Arsenal at the end of the season after nearly 22 years in charge, although the Frenchman has indicated he will seek another job in Europe.

Mourinho has said he regrets various rows with Wenger over the years ahead of the 68-year-old's last visit to Old Trafford with Arsenal on Sunday.

And the 55-year-old Portuguese suggested Wenger may be an example he looks to follow as he moves into the latter years of his managerial career.

"For sure, why not?" Mourinho told reporters when asked if he could match Wenger's longevity.

"This is a job where the more experience you have the better you are, you just have to keep up your motivational level. I believe that until a manager decides he has had enough and doesn't want any more you can still get better and better.

"Just look at the example of Mr Heynckes [Bayern Munich's 72-year-old coach Jupp]. He was retired, playing with his grandchildren or things like that, and suddenly he comes back to football and he is even better than what he was before.

"I think you can keep improving in this job, as long as you have some success. Sometimes people say enough is enough, but until that point arrives I think this is the kind of job where experience makes you better."