Thursday, November 24, 2016

Usain Bolt on Manchester United, bowling out Chris Gayle and retirement ahead of 'I Am Bolt' documentary

Usain Bolt has given a candid interview with Coach magazine ahead of the release of a documentary on his remarkable career.

The Jamaican opened up on a range of subjects from his achievements on the track to his beloved Manchester United and much more in between.

Bolt made history in Rio by completing the 'triple triple', winning three gold medals for the third successive Olympics.

With a documentary I Am Bolt set for release on November 28 and his final race in London just nine months away, Bolt sat down with Coach to set the record straight on the most important things in his life.

Bolt on… his diet

My coach [Glen Mills] has been so important to me. He is a winner, and he always has me so prepared. I know that I have not always been easy to coach; he tried for a long time to get me to diet properly.

In Beijing I ate nothing but chicken nuggets and he was not happy. Before Rio he told me unless I listened and got in the proper shape, I could go to Rio without him. I listened; I have such respect for him.

Bolt on… his sporting heroes

From a sprinting perspective I have always had a lot of respect for [Olympic 200m gold medallist] Donald Quarrie. He was somebody I really looked up to.

Outside of sprinting, I was such a big fan of Ruud van Nistelrooy – his goals were one of the big reasons why I supported Manchester United. I used to love to watch him play.

Bolt on… his family

My family helped me stay grounded. I have never been “Usain Bolt the Superstar” to them, I am always Usain Bolt their little boy.

If I am home and my mom runs out of milk, she will send me down to the store to get some. My gold medals don’t count for anything, and that is the way I like it.

Bolt on… fear

It’s not about losing; it’s about having the fear of failure – that is one of the most important things a sportsman can have.

Bolt on… living in Jamaica

The Jamaican people, they have been so great to me, but they still let me live. People don’t believe that I can walk around Kingston by myself – but I can.

They say hello and ask for photos, but they let me live a normal life even though they are so proud of me and everything I have achieved.

Bolt on… his toughest race

The toughest race of my career was as much about me as it was the opponent. It was the World Championship 100m final in 2015 where I beat Justin Gatlin.

Coming back from injury I had doubters, and I wanted to prove them wrong and myself right. It was my toughest race, but I won.

Bolt on… who could beat him

I can sit here and tell you names to look out for, names who I think are the future, but if I was to carry on running I wouldn’t even think about defeat.

To answer your question, though, I hope and think it can be Yohan [Blake], but he needs to listen more.

Bolt on… Manchester United rumours

It has always been a dream of mine to play for Manchester United, and it still is a dream. I have not spoken with José about it, but I know he is the right coach for the job.

Maybe this season we can’t win the title, but big players want to play for Mourinho and I expect more to arrive.

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