Sunday, October 16, 2016

50 interesting quotes about C Ronaldo you would love to read

Bale "Dont expect me to fill Ronaldo shoes. Nobody can fill them." -

Chicharito "I will keep voting for Ronaldo because he is the best in the field of play."
Luka Modric "Ronaldo is the idol of modern day football. Nobody does it like him

Gerrard Pique-"Ronaldo is really complete,he knows how to score, assist, shoot freekicks,penalties. He can do everything. He's the most toughest player I have ever faced"

Essien "Portugal needs to build a statue for Ronaldo"

Maradona "Defenders are more afraid of Ronaldo than Messi"

Arsene Wenger "Ronaldo is not a human like us "

Rakitic "We have 3 Ronaldo's at Barca"

Jose Mourinho. "To me Ronaldo has proved himself in 3 different leagues. He is the best"

Gary Nevile. "He's the most complete player i have ever seen - Cr7"

Roberto Bargio "Many people know that Ronaldo is the best in the world but they are afraid to say it."

Drogba "The player i wish to ever play with is the best player in the world Cristiano Ronaldo."

Emmanuel Adebayo "Comparing Ronaldo and Messi is like comparing an Alien with a human. Ronaldo doesnt have blood." -

Pepe "You doubt that Ronaldo is the best, then look at his last 5 seasons statistics. They are second to none." -

Football commentator Peter D "Ronaldo at his best is unstoppable, its a priviledge to watch him play"

Alonso "Ronaldo to me is football"

Hamilton Lewis - "I fear noone on the track..... Maybe if im competing with Ferrari Ronaldo, i may tremble."
Usaine Bolt - "The best in the world is Cr7, he is even better than me in athletics i think"

Tiger Woods - "People say i was precise but boy or boy Ronaldo is perfect."

Paul Scholes "My role model is Cr7, he is the best player the world has ever seen." -

Bale "The next time you compare Ronaldo with another player, take a nap." -

Rafael Nadal "If you are the best player in the world you may be excused for being arogant." -

Ranieri "Cristiano Ronaldo does not have blood. Let him leave bloody United" -

Lady Gaga "Ronaldo is the best player in the world but we are tired, i just want Neur to win Ballon dor." -

Thomas Mueller "People want to call me little Messi. But i think i will be better than him. Call me little Cr7 instead."

Mario Gozte "When you play with Ronaldo in your team, you are alredy 1-0 up. He is the best in his generation." -

Zinedine Zidane "Give me Cr7 and ten players. I will lift the Uefa Champions league." -

Capello "I love skills. Football is not about running and scoring goals. Ronaldo is a football package. Every single part of his body can play soccer. I admire him personaly." -

Eric Cantona "If i had played for a long time alongside Ronaldo 7, i would have scored a century at Manchester United. Ronaldo makes a strikers role look so easy. The greatest ever" -

Former Liverpool striker Michael Owen. "Messi will never score goals like these. Ronaldo is unbelivable."

Sir Alex Fegerson "Ronaldo is in the air and ground, Messi is good in Fifa games"

Di Maria - "In our national team we are lacking a Ronaldo. The best".

Tevez "Ronaldo or Messi....I refuse to call my countryman Messi to be the best in the world because he is not"

Marcelo "If you have Cristiano what more do you want? Maybe bars to celebrate wins" -

Klopp "Messi and Ronaldo are equal but Ronaldo can score from anywhere." -

Roberto Carlos "Messi or Ronaldo? I think Ronaldo is more important than Messi." -

Pele "Ronaldo can score with either of his feet, his head and now he is scoring with the goal at his back. I bet he can score on wheelchair." -

Giggs "I never saw Pele play or even Maradonna. Ronaldo is the best i have seen." -

Luca Toni "Who said Ronaldo plays like me. Its a honour to be compared with the best player in the world" -

Luis Figo "One day i will tell my son, 'once upon a time there was Cristiano Ronaldo'. Its a fairy tale." -

Neymar "Cr7 is a monster, not a human. It will be a dream come true to play with him if i sign for Madrid." -

James Rodriguez "Who’s better, Messi or Ronaldo? Ronaldo is out of this world. Thats my own sentiment." -

Wesley Sneider "Ronaldo scores when he wants too unlike us humans"

Gattuso "The best player i have ever played against has to be Ronaldo. You cannot afford to take you eyes off him." -

Benitez "The difference is Messi uses his height in a football match. Ronaldo uses skills." -

Valentino Rossi "That run by ronaldo is insane. Taste him for drugs"

Ian Rush "I saw Maradonna and Pele play. Ronaldo is at another level" -

England legend Bobby "Ronaldo Ronaldo Ronaldo. Football obeys him when he kicks it."

David Seaman "I would have rather faced Messi than Ronaldo. He is scary"

Eric C "I wore the number 7 jersey and i will be proud. The number represent the best player in this generation

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