Thursday, September 29, 2016

City need to create their own history in the Champions League.- Guardiola

Pep Guardiola has stated that Manchester City need to
create their own history in the Champions League.
City have managed to establish themselves as one of the
biggest clubs in England since their takeover by the City
Football Group back in 2008 but it has to be said that the
club have been somewhat disappointing in Europe in recent

Now with European champion Guardiola at the helm, there is
a lot of optimism that City can finally make an impact in the
Champions League, but the Spanish tactician has stated
that doing so will be difficult as his side have to create their
very own chapter in Europe.

After  the 3-3 draw with Scottish giants Celtic - a club rich
in history - Guardiola said: " Manchester City don't have the
history in Europe – we have to create it. "It will maybe be a good lesson for our future how important it is to start well.

"This club was 25, 26 years without playing in Europe. In the
last year it was the first time to go through more than the
quarter-finals. "That will be a good lesson. Europe is special, the teams are so strong, it doesn't matter where."

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