Monday, July 23, 2018

Juventus to earn €340m from Cristiano Ronaldo deal over four years

Juventus are set to earn €340m over the four- year contract of new signing Cristiano Ronaldo .

KPMG has released a report stating Juve will directly earn €85m a year from the transfer, or €340m over the four-year contract period, but predicts that Juventus will not see a major
positive impact from the Ronaldo acquisition in the 2018-19 financial year.

KPMG estimates that match-day revenues will reach between €55-70m next season, while total revenues from broadcasting distributions at national and international levels will range from around €190-255m.

But the reports concludes that the real growth opportunity will come from sponsoring and merchandising, on which KPMG strongly urges Juventus to capitalize, in order to partially fill the relevant gap with European top clubs in terms of commercial revenues over the next two to three seasons.

The report predicts Juventus ' commercial revenues to reach between €195-220m within two to three years.


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