Friday, June 15, 2018

WWE Doctor Had Sexual Relationship With Wrestler Patient

Last week, the biggest story in pro wrestling was the civil trial victory of CM Punk (real name Phil Brooks) and Colt Cabana (real name Scott Colton) over WWE ringside physician Dr.

Chris Amann, who was suing them for defamation. When Punk left WWE in 2014, he aired all of his grievances, especially the medical ones, on Cabana’s podcast; Amann took issue with some of those and sued in early 2015. Punk claimed both in court records and various interviews that WWE was backing the suit, and while there’s no proof of that in the public record, it’s a common belief among wrestling fans.

The trial itself was a walkover by the defense. Amann did not make a good impression on the jury, and revelations about HIPAA privacy violations and incomplete record-keeping meant his reputation likely was harmed more by taking all this to trial—revealing an ethical breach on top of sheer sloppiness—than it had been by some barbs on a four-year-old podcast. As it turns out, there’s more where that came from, and another serious breach of medical ethics: A sexual relationship with a wrestler under Amann’s care.

The week before the trial, Amann filed a number of motions, mostly with the intent of making

sure that various issues couldn’t be brought up before the jury. Some of these were sealed and thus seen only by the parties to the case, but most were publicly viewable at the computer terminals in the clerk’s office of the Cook County Court at Chicago’s Daley Center.

One such motion was especially conspicuous for not being sealed: Amann’s third motion in limine, which argued that at trial, the defense could not reference his romantic and sexual relationships with then-WWE wrestler Jillian Hall and an indie wrestler who he met at a WWE try-out event.


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