Thursday, May 24, 2018

Wrestling :Nikki Bella Reveals Why She Called Off Wedding with John Cena

Nikki Bella called off her wedding to John Cena because she had cold feet.

Cena and Bella shocked the WWE Universe and world of showbiz when they announced the end of their engagement last month.

The former celebrity couple were set to get married on May 5 in Mexico but they never made it to the altar.

Rumours suggested that the ex-Divas Champion pulled the plug because the 16-time world champion didn’t want to have a family.

However, Bella confirmed that was not the issue and instead stated that she was hesitant ahead of her nuptials. She told Life & Style: “I just didn't want to walk down that aisle and give those vows and have hesitation or have regret.

 "The day I give those vows, I truly want to be with that person until death do us part, and I have that hope for John and I. I really do. “But right now I just have to deal with the issues that gave me cold feet.

 "If it doesn't feel right, if there is any type of hesitation, you have to figure it out and...[not] be afraid.” Despite the failed engagement, Bella confessed that she kept her wedding dress and expects to wear it one day.

The two-time Divas Champion slammed reports suggesting that she and Cena are back together but is hopeful that they will ultimately reconcile. She added: “I kept it because, honestly, I think that John and I will probably end up together.

 "He is my best friend and I love him."

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