Friday, May 18, 2018

Olivier Giroud : Chelsea players angry with me when I first arrived

Olivier Giroud admits Chelsea players were angry with him when he arrived in January from Arsenal.

The France striker was instrumental in dumping Chelsea out of the FA Cup last season.

He recalled to the London Evening Standard : “I have been teasing them about it.

 “When I arrived in January they were still a bit angry with me but I said, 'I hope we will carry on the momentum because I can beat any team at Wembley and I will be your lucky charm — let's hope we do it'.

 I have been unbeaten at Wembley since 2012, obviously first with Arsenal and then with Chelsea for the semi-final.

 "Hopefully I will be unbeaten after the final, too. It's a nice record and I want to keep it up."

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