Saturday, May 05, 2018

Exposed! Arsene Wenger's final message to Arsenal fans in match programme notes

Arsenal Manager Arsene Wenger admits he'll struggle to cope when leaving the club at the end of the season.

Ahead of Sunday's clash with Burnley, Arsenal are planning tributes, inviting guests and encouraging the manager to take a lap of honour at the end.

Wenger will address Arsenal fans in his programme notes on Sunday and speak about the void he will feel on leaving the club.

 "What I will miss most about this job is the competition itself," he writes. "The collective feeling, the sharing of emotions with people you work with on a daily basis, the desire to feel something together and the target you always have in front of you.

I will miss the intensity of it all, because that's all I have known in my life. "I'd say what has linked all my teams through the years is the desire to play as a connected team, at a high pace, and to make the players reach a complex form of collective football.

That means involving at least three players every move, to express your talent, and make people feel that when football is expressed in a collective way and with a high understanding, it's art."

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