Friday, April 13, 2018

Seven footballers who have played for both Real Madrid and Bayern

Real Madrid and Bayern Munich have played each other more times than any other two sides in the history of the European Cup, but curiously just seven players have represented both clubs during their careers.

Three of the seven will be taking part in this semi-final tie later in the month,
while the other four have now moved on from both clubs.
Below, we look back at these seven special players.

Paul Breitner
The German moved to Real Madrid from Bayern after he had won the 1974 World Cup.

Ze Roberto
This Brazilian was part of the squad that won Real Madrid's seventh Champions League.

Arjen Robben
He's a member of the current Bayern squad, having previously spent two seasons at Real Madrid.

Hamit Altntop
He had five impressive years at Bayern, but struggled in the Spanish capital.

Toni Kroos
This German is a member of the current Real Madrid squad.

Xabi Alonso
After five impressive years in Madrid, he finished his career in Bavaria.

James Rodriguez
This midfielder is currently at Bayern on loan from Real Madrid

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