Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Cristiano Ronaldo The Real Saviour

English  Referee Michael Oliver called the penalty and the Estadio Santiago Bernabeu went crazy, setting the stage for Real Madrid 's saviour Cristiano Ronaldo.

Everyone's heart was pumping at 200 beats per minute. All bar one man.

The one chosen to put the ball on the spot and to rifle it home, allowing Madrid to forget the previous 93 minutes.

It took five minutes for the kick to take place. With Lucas Vazquez on the floor, a melee ensued.

Ronaldo waited by the penalty spot whilst Juventus surrounded him, trying to put him off.

Buffon protested with excessive force and the English referee was left with no option other than to send him off.

Sub goalkeeper in place, it was time. Ronaldo didn't hesitate, placing the ball
before looking up, breathing slowly and fully concentrated.

And then it was all over.
Joy overflowed like a bottle of shaken champagne.

Cristiano, 'The Saviour' Ronaldo, for the eleventh consecutive game, left his mark on the Champions League.

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