Tuesday, April 03, 2018

Brock Lesnar to Join UFC If Roman Reigns Wins at WrestleMania

Rumours have been suggesting that Lesnar’s contract is running out after WrestleMania and that he won’t sign a new deal. It has also been speculated that The Beast is keen on a return to the Octagon.

Heyman has clarified that if Reigns dethrones his client then both he and the ex-UFC Heavyweight Champion will never be seen on Monday Night RAW again.

The legendary manager said: “Now, an unfortunate truth in life is there’s act of Gods, there are accidents that happen.

“And should Brock Lesnar blow out his knee, should Brock Lesnar break his hand on the face of a sparring partner, should Brock Lesnar slip on a banana peel on the way into the ring at WrestleMania and Roman Reigns becomes Universal Champion then this is the last time you will ever see Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman on WWE Monday Night RAW.

“Now, I’ll save my goodbyes for my own personal social media but since Brock will be saying ‘hello’ to you from UFC let me just dispel something a little bit out-of-character for my client Brock Lesnar.

“You know this whole image that I myself have stood here since 2002 and built around Brock Lesnar?

“This whole mystique, this whole aura like Brock Lesnar looks at the entire WWE locker room and thinks: ‘None of you can shine my boots, let alone win my title’?

“That Brock Lesnar looks at the entire WWE Universe and thinks that you are all worthy of his contempt and disdain and disgust? That Brock Lesnar chooses who he fights, when he fights them, on the conditions that he fights them only on his own terms?

“Ladies and gentlemen, this whole image is 100 per cent true.”

Reigns looks set to win the Universal title and if Heyman’s promo is true then Lesnar will be going back to Dana White’s promotion.

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