Saturday, December 03, 2016

50 Cent says he's not at all surprised at Kanye West's mental breakdown

Appearing on Watch What Happens Live in a segment tagged
50's two cents, the rapper whose real name is Curtis Jackson
was asked his opinion on a number of recent showbiz news
and he revealed he's not surprised at Kanye West's
hospitalization due to mental issues. 'Oof! That was
interesting 'cause I kind of like, felt you could kind of see that
coming,' he said. 'In pieces, it was like, little outbursts.'

He surmised that Kim Kardashain's robbery in Paris the month
before played a big role in it.

'I think that was a part of Kanye's breakdown,' he opined. He
was quick to defend Kanye against claims the rapper is faking
it in order to win an insurance payout for cancelled concerts.
'Nooo!' he insisted. 'He could have just went to work.'

On Mariah Carey's separation from James Packer he said: 'He
said she was too expensive, he knew what he was getting
But 50 pointed out they 'still need to settle the friendship'
adding he should pay her 'a few million dollars because she
stopped doing what was on the schedule.'
He said he did not see Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's split
coming. 'Where does Brad go now?' he wondered.

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