Tuesday, November 08, 2016

US election: Donald Trump makes his last pitch to voters by attacking Beyonce and Jay Z

On the final day before the US election, Donald Trump made
his final pitch to voters during a rally in Florida on Monday.

"Florida is my second home," Trump told the crowd.

"A state I love so much, and by the way, Hilary, once
this is over, she 'll never come. In one day, we are
going to win the great state of Florida and we are
going to take back the White House. With what's
happening with our justice, our country is a
laughingstock all over the world, they 're laughing,"

The Presidential candidate closed his speech but no before
going after Beyonce and her husband Jay Z. Queen Bee
played a last-minute concert on behalf of Hillary Clinton over
the weekend in Ohio, which seems to have really upset
Trump. Though his campaign has reportedly taken over his
Twitter account, he let his feeling be known at rallies
throughout the weekend.

"Nobody goes to her rallies. So she got Jay Z and Beyoncé,
and the language they used was so bad," Trump said. "The
language is so bad. As they were singing? Singing, right?
Talking? Was it talking or singing? I don’t know. But the
language – by both – but the language was so bad, that
many of the people left. By the time Hillary got up, there was
nobody there."

"Isn’t it amazing that when Jay Z and Beyonce use the filthy
language they use in the songs – using words that, if I ever
said those words, it would be the reinstitution of the electric
chair, right? Right? It’s true," he continued.

The remarks followed ones Trump made earlier in the
weekend in which he stated that he believed teaming with
Beyoncé is somehow cheating.

"The reason Hillary has to do that is, nobody comes for her,"
he said. "She can’t fill a room. That’s almost like a form of
cheating, right?"

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