Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Victoria Beckham reveals her family secrets

Victoria Beckham gave a heart-warming insight into her
family life as she gave a rare TV interview last night.

The stunning fashion designer delighted fans with a tell-all
chat about family, work and even her long-ago Spice Girls
days on Late Night With Seth Meyers.

Showing off her flawless complexion, the 42-year-old appeared years younger as she greeted the host in a bright orange dress.

Gushing about her family, she happily named them a
"travelling circus" as she listed each of her chireally' talents.
"We're like a travelling circus our family. We dance, we sing,
we play football, do fashion," she joked.

Speaking about her daughter Harper, she explained: "(She)
Loves to play with makeup and has been able to run in pair
of high heels for a very long time. I'm so proud."

In sharp contrast, the host then played an adorable video of
her son Cruz singing, to which Victoria responded: "He's so
musical. We didn't even realise he could sing. He's one who
always plays football, then sitting in back of the car one day
he started singing."

Elsewhere, she opened up about her Spice Girls days - and
revealed all the kids have watched the movie with her, and
know about her former career.

“They know the Spice Girls. They know that mommy wore
heels and did the pout and point,” she revealed. “They’re
proud. We’ve watched the movie together. When I was on
tour with the Spice Girls, I took the children with me, so they
know it.”

And it came shortly after the star dropped all her boundaries
in Times Square - revealing some bizarre and truly incredible
dance moves.
Joining a huge crowd in the popular spot, David's wife
pulled out her 'mum moves' as she swayed her hips and
slowly danced her way past cameras.

Beginning with a male companion, she slowly turned round
on the spot, giving fans a cheeky twerk before swinging her
arms backwards and forwards in typical 'embarrassing mum' style.

Keeping her serious expression throughout, she then
followed her fellow dancer through the crowds with her arm
up in the air, apparently lost in the music.

Wearing a loose white shirt and black trousers, she showed
off her slim figure and managed to look effortlessly trendy

Her fans loved every second, and as she slowly walked up
to the front of a McDonald's, a male fan couldn't help
joining in before greeting her with a beaming grin.
Sharing a photo online shortly after, VB wrote: "Good night
#NYC I [love] U!! Kisses from Times Square VVB

Throwing the peace sign to the camera, she once again
looks far from her usual serious self with a giant pout and
minimal make-up.
It's just one more step to a Spice Girls reunion, really.
                                                                   Culled from mirror. Co.uk

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