Monday, September 19, 2016

Famous Singer sir Elton John set to retire from music

Elton John hints at retiring from music ahead of his 70th
birthday in March 2017.

Sir Elton John is ready to retire from music and hand record
making on to a younger generation, according to his latest

The Rocket Man singer appeared on Good Morning Britain
earlier today and revealed his records are no longer selling
like they used to because "people have enough" of his music
in their collections and it's time to pass the candle to a
younger generation.

"I love playing," the legend told ITV's Richard Arnold. "My
records don't sell any more because people have enough
Elton John records in their collection. I love making them
but it's someone else's turn now.

The Candle in the Wind singer headlined the Apple Music
Festival at the weekend and revealed he's alongside some
great names like Britney Spears, Michael Buble and Calvin
Harris who make great music - although he's not inspired
by them.

"No, but I listen to their records," he replied. "It's a very
diverse bill and that is what Apple Festival is about and that
is what it should be about. Diversity."
"It's all about the songs really. That keeps you in the

"There are all really good artists and great songwriters,
proper artists and not top 10 crap artists," he said.
"When I hear new music - and there is a lot of it around - it
keeps me young and on my toes.

"I know all the great music, it's all in my head but when you
hear something new and that is so great, it really does
inspire me."

On March 25th 2017 Elton John turns 70. Speaking about
his forthcoming birthday celebrations, Elton said: "My voice
is getting better as I get older. I think I'm singing better
than I ever have.
"I'm going to be in Los Angeles, I'd like to do something for
charity on the night."

Speaking about his greatest achievement, the superstar, who
also heads up the Elton John AIDs Foundation, said "having
children" was his greatest moment.

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