Sunday, April 22, 2018

Amber Rose Walks Naked Around Son At Home

Star Actress Amber Rose said she walks around naked in front of her five-year-old son Sebastian 'all the time'.

According to a report, Rose said that parading around her young son while being naked is a part of her process to teach him about female empowerment. She aims to make him comfortable around and respect the female body despite his young age. 
Rose said of Sebastian: "He's (growing) up to be a male feminist and respect women. I always have this dream where my son is in school and his friends are like, 'Man, she's a hoe' or 'What's up with these hoes?' And my son is gonna be like, 'You can't say that. Like, what?' Cause he's gonna be raised in a house with me, where it's...just unheard of.

"Well he just turned five. But I do have, like, naked women all over my house."

Rose said that she has 'pictures of vaginas' at her home.

"So, like, my son, he sees so much and I'm very free with my body," she added.

"I walk around naked around my son all the time. I don't (stop him when) he walks in a room, I don't go, 'Don't come in! Mommy's getting changed!'

"I don't make it a bad thing where he's like, 'Oh, I'm sorry!' It's just like, 'Oh, my mom's naked. Who cares.' You know what I mean?"

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