Sunday, September 18, 2016

12 ridiculously awful stats of Wayne Rooney against Watford

Take a look at Rooney's stats from the match at Vicarage Road. Judging by these numbers, it may have been Wazza's worst day in a United shirt…

1. He took nine corners/free-kicks - butonly created a chance for United with TWO of them.

2. He didn't create a single chance from open play.

3. He didn't play a single through ball.

4. He didn't 'take on' an opponent, so never actually went past a Watford player.

5. He didn't have a shot on target.

6. In fact, he only managed one shot OFF target.

7. He didn't make a single tackle. Not one!

8. He went up for three 'aerial duels' - and lost two of them.

9. In fact, his entire defensive contribution amounted to one interception, one block…and committing one foul.

10. He played 40 passes, completing 33 of them. Which doesn't sound TOO bad, until you find out that…

11. 27 of the 33 successful passes he played either went sideways (12) or backwards (15).

12. Which meant he only successfully passed the ball FORWARDS on six occasions. In 90 minutes. That is once every quarter of an hour.

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